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Mazan offers simple restaurants but also better cuisine. L'Ardoise spoils its guests. Château Mazan offers a varied menu in a beautiful decor. A Ventoux has refined food. On the countryside, in small villages or larger cities, gastronomy is available.

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Sounding names such as Beaumes de Venise, Châteauneuf du Pape, Gigondas and Vacqueyras, but also local Côtes du Mont Ventoux wines tickle the taste buds.

We give a few recommendations.



Provencal cuisine has a range of delicacies, thanks to the special climate: strawberries from Carpentras, cherries from Comtat, melons from Cavaillon, truffles from the papal enclave, asparagus from Lauris. Candied fruit has been elevated to art, nougat has the fragile blend of honey and almonds.

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Olive oil

Olives are a symbol of Provence: the green or black fruits shine on every market, tapenade is an aperitif, oil is an asset in the kitchen. Taste delicious olives from Nyons, visit an olive press around the Mont-Ventoux or in the Rhône valley

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